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Food Processing and Packaging Machine


Established in 1991, PT. Jupiter Mitra Setia started its business in dealing with machinery reparation and spare parts production. It was initially known as JUPITER MITRA SETIA ENGINEERING.

With the continuous research and development of technology, PT. Jupiter Mitra Setia established its first production of food processing and packaging machineries in 1994. To this day, our focus is to manufacture machineries that are superior and high quality in nature – aligned with our vision and mission. Our products are also concerned with the safety of the human capital, in which we build machines that are also safe and sustainable without compromising its efficiency and quality.

As such, we offer the appropriate industrial services for each phase in the lifecycle of our machineries, providing a high standard of products as well as services. With growing demands for food processing machineries, our customers include domestic and international companies. Our export market includes countries such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, and many more. Our ability to penetrate the export market is due to our competitive advantage – high quality products and services, but with a reasonable price.

Our long-term goal is to create a continuous relationship with clients, by providing the desired products and services, while also maintaining sustainability. Our company strives to deliver “the best” within the Food and Beverage Industry; and we hope to cooperate with your company. Please contact us for further information.

Assembling Unit

Our human resources are highly dedicated and professional in all aspect, as their experience from operating the high speed of modern fabrication machineries and electricity.

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